Bicentennial Speaker Series: The Culture and Heritage of Illinoisans


3/18/2018, 2 pm - 4 pm



Illinois State Museum, 502 S. Spring St. Springfield, IL 62706

Clinging to the eastern seaboard and still under threat from Great Britain, the fledgling United States soon adopted a large-scale and aggressive strategy for expansion. Unfamiliar and daunting landscapes did little to stem westward expansion, and immediately Native American Nations, sole residents of the continent for thousands of years, faced an unprecedented challenge to their territory and way of life. This presentation explores the cultural transformation of the Illinois territory on the eve of statehood and how these events reverberate today.

This program is part of the “The Culture and Heritage of Illinoisans” series held on the third Sunday of every month through October, 2018. The series is presented by the Academy of Lifelong Learning at Lincoln Land Community College in collaboration with the Illinois State Museum and will feature several Road Scholar Speakers offered by Illinois Humanities.